Frank Poon



Hi, I'm Frank. I am a fourth year student at the University of Washington studying computer science. I am also a teaching assistant under Kevin Zatloukal for CSE 331.< This summer, I am joining Amazon as a Software Development Engineer in Boston, Massachusetts./p>

My website is currently only development oriented as I am off social media at the moment. Feel free to contact me on any of the methods listed below. (Please don't spam me!)

Recently, I was a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington, specifically in AWS Support. I added integration with a new monitoring service for an internal tool that retrieves data about impacted accounts from AWS monitoring services and sends them to individual Personal Health Dashboards, improving communication with AWS customers during operational incidents (a.k.a. downtime).

Before that, I was a Growth Engineering Intern at a stealth startup in Berlin, Germany, focusing on software development. At this company, I initially focused on researching chatbots for their services based on my experience with projects like Flashcard Study Buddy, but moved on to building modules for automated data conversion between different invoicing formats, adding to the main backend infrastructure.

Before that, I worked on Flashcard Study Buddy, an app for Google Assistant that used the Quizlet REST API.

My main go-to programming languages are Java, Python, or JavaScript (specifically node.js). I also know some C and C++. I like general software design, backend development, and building modules with a microservice based approach.

Outside of CS, I like, in no particular order: rock climbing, mixing techno (something I picked up in Berlin), Wes Anderson movies, fountain pens, minimalism, and cooking (especially Spanish and Thai food).


I use a combination of the following when working:

  • macOS Catalina
  • Visual Studio Code
  • zsh, oh-my-zsh, iTerm2, Powerlevel10k
  • git, NeoVim, Postman, LaTeX
  • Chrome, G Suite, Spotify, Slack, Discord
  • Linode